Our Covers Story

Being a diehard maker, Vino's Chick's garage had long served as her creative working space until she finally outgrew it. She now owns a modest creative studio in Peachtree Corners GA (Chick's Creative Studio). The studio is where she designs, fills orders and experiments with new designs and inventions. And drink wine. Yeh. That.

Once a week she opens her doors to other creative chix who love sipping, crafting and making stuff as much as she does. But whether they sipped organic tea, coffee or wine and left their glasses exposed, something always flew into one or all of the drinks. Be it glitter, sawdust or fruit flies, it was always something. They tried covering the drinks with napkins, folders and anything else that would work and was handy. But, eh, there had to be a better way.

Long story short, this is how Chick Rock's handcrafted wine glass covers were born. One day while the creative chix were working on their projects, Vino's Chick took a look around the studio to see what she had that would suffice. Started with CDs, but, eh. NO. 

Looked around some more and yes! Success! Sounds a little weird but tiles and clothes pins! Eco friendly and zero waste! Her vision came to life when she married them then took some time to dress them up really cute! Perfect!

In addition to keeping glitter, sparkles and pink puffs of cotton out of creative chix glasses at the studio, Chick Rocks handcrafted and repurposed wine glass covers are the perfect accessory for indoor and outdoor sipping. No more fishing out that one little fly, and possibly his cousin, with your pinky. And as a bonus, they are perfect for light bites like cheese and crackers and also serve as tapas plates and coasters! As a result of the functional design of the clothespin layout, the cover fits securely onto your glass and won't slip or slide off. Go ahead and walk around the party with it! Dance with it!

Browse our collection and share wine with friends NOT flies.